Friday, September 16, 2016

Saturday, August 13, 2016

idaho or bust!

my dear grandpa had a big birthday so we hit the road! it was our first big road trip as a family of four!
hotel beds are awesome for jumping. and eating on. and watching tv on.

 and snuggling too.

and yay for a hotel pool!

this was just ridiculous.  i really need to learn how to pack.

we made it to white bird! (no really, that's the name of the town)

party time! a little mountain rain didn't stop us.

i honestly don't know who cracks me up more here.

just two blondies shootin the breeze.  surely they are talking about bugs, poop or tractors.


more love.


oma love.

doesn't this just scream "vacation pic"!?

mountain beauty.  also known as the enchanting Emily of our lives.

snake river fun! without the snakes.


so long Idaho!

one step closer to home.



2015 summer tid bits

finn made it! one year of preschool down! 

helping or attempting to steal the toy.  you be the judge.

there ain't no play like water play.

these two lovebirds got engaged!  i FINALLY have a brother.  and a wonderful one at that.

henry turned ONE!

we started a new tradition: the summer backyard campout! so easy its criminal.

sometimes you just dog pile on the floor to drink smoothies.

 finn found the best hiding spot in the house.

Emily and i hosted a bridal shower for Rachel!

 have you ever seen a cuter bride?

the menfolk worked on the car.


we ventured into gardening. 

bbq with friends.  and face paint! and cake!

mimi had a birthday!

obligatory baby and pasta picture.  when i say it was everywhere, i mean EVERYWHERE.

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